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About Us

Makor Technologies is one of the leading companies in Israel for identification solutions to the local market.

Makor Technologies was established in 2007 as young and innovative company, aimed to support the growing demand in Israel for smart identification solutions like RFID, Smart cards,Biometric, Point of sale, Security and more.
Since 2007 Makor Technologies has been importing and marketing a variety of products & solutions for the Israeli market, and planning to expend to other countries in the near future.

We found that our customers are interested in high quality products with competitive prices, full technical support and long term relashionships. This is the reason why both dealers & end users choose us as their main supplier.

Our policy is to make sure that our customers gets excellent products & support, for as long as they need, which will enable them to benefit from all the advantages our products have to offer.

Makor Technologies specializes in a variety of major fields:

Biometric Identification: Makortech is a leading provider of biometric identification to the Israeli market. We are a leader in technology and innovations, and alweys keep track of new products and technology. Our main brands includes the top companies is the field, such as Suprema, Virdi, ZKSoftware, Lumidigm and others. We provide Fingerprint, Palm, Vein, Iris and Face recognition.

Access control & Time attendance: We provide full solution and integration from low end to high end companies. Our access controls and TA starts from Magnetic cards and up to RFID and biometrics. We provide stand alone access controls, Keypads, Weigand readers, networked AC and more.  

Communication converters: Makor constantly renews it's products and supplies its customers with the solutions they need, from USB, RS232, and RS485 converters to TCP/IP, Wiegand, Bluetooth, WiFi and more.

Banking & Financial: Check Readers & Imagers, Magnetic stripe readers and banking terminals are one of our major products range. The uncompromising quality products continue to support Makor's reputation as a leading supplier in this field.

RFID: Makor specializes in RFID technology, which has been growing rapidly in use in the last few years. We provide a variety of solutions from proximity readers to special tags in LH, HF, UHF and 2.45Ghz. We help our customers isolate their problems and identify the solution that is most suited for them, both technologically and financial.

Point of sale: Makor is known for it’s variety of solutions in the Point Of Sale and retail industry. Our products include magnetic readers, programmable keyboards, barcode readers, customer displays and more.

Amongst our customers are The Israeli Defense Forces, Communication companies, banks & financial institutions, government offices, municipalities, leading software companies, hospitals, factories & small offices.

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